Mayor’s Minute

This is part of our guest intro series with City of Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, where he breaks down what City Council is up to – in just one minute. ⏳

It is one of my life’s greatest privileges to serve Lakeland as Mayor.  Our citizens are understanding, patient, creative, and have a broad array of perspectives. As a City, we have a genuine love for people and respect our differences.  This community distinctive is at the core of what makes Lakeland a great place to live – especially in a politically divisive era. We love people and we work to be inclusive!

As a Commission, we strive to honor everyone.  In this way, we bridge differences and enhance understanding.  We are #OneLakeland and #LoveLakeland not by mere words, but by making decisions that bring cohesion and respect. We thank each Citizen for the strong contributions YOU make every day to make this true, as well!

– Mayor Mutz

If you’d like the opportunity to speak to Mayor Mutz, and join in civic gatherings to discuss the future of our city City Commission Meetings are held on the 1st + 3rd Monday of every month.

Find your next Mayor’s Minute here next month.

– The LALtoday team

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