Mayor Mutz’s Monthly Minute – The Art of Learning

This is part of our Voices series with City of Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, where he breaks down his thoughts about what’s going on in the City – in just one minute. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here.

I recall the first time I heard: “Art makes you smart!” I skeptically wondered, “How can that be? Painting doesn’t require math!”

Ah…but it does! Placing eyes within a facial drawing begins by centering them in the middle of the outline of the head. Colors, shapes, shading, choreography, music, lighting, taste, and filming all require layers of creative problem solvingI soon realized I was entirely wrong! 

Smart Cities are “Art Cities.” Lakeland should not be an exception. This is an enhancement opportunity to become more robust. We have talented, creative, and diverse artists whose crafts transcend wide-ranging media formats —  and they live here! Their presence in our community adds vibrance to life’s daily experiences. We have opportunities for national artistic contributions, as well.

For these reasons, among others, the Mayor’s Council on the Arts created: LkldArts.Org. If you have not visited the site, take a look. You’ll meet member organizations, find a full calendar of art events and their venues, discover how to apply for art grants, and even view a host of cool, artsy pics along the way. This site was created for you. It is designed to be a planning tool, broadening opportunities to consume cultural feasts for your eyes, ears, heart, mouth, feet, and mind.

Your Lakeland Commission is art-centric. Thriving cities waft visual artistic touches throughout architectural designs, placement of displays, exterior textures used, color patterns, and interior designs, particularly in public spacesArt should be an emphasis presence wherever possible. Practical art permeates our senses of awareness and enhances our appreciation of beauty.

So, how can we be more intentional in the decade ahead? Let’s think of “art” as an essential tool Strive to more intentionally expose yourself to forthcoming opportunities while broadening your horizons and expectations. (I practice doing this more myself as I creatively doodle on my reMarkable pad during some less exciting meetings!) These exposures challenge the way I think and expand my appreciation.

Let’s all work to tune-in more intentionally and keep the commission informed of your art-worthy ideas. Together, we can seek to be as smart as possible through this cultural appreciation that challenges all our senses produced by individuals who craft their skills excellently.

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