Mayor Mutz’s Monthly Minute – A character-building opportunity

This is part of our Voices series with City of Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, where he breaks down his thoughts about what’s going on in the City – in just one minute. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here.

Votes are being tallied, and we will have the opportunity to respond to the fruits of living in a Republic where voting citizens help determine the course of our immediate future.

Photo via @catapultlkld

A great responsibility of being an American is harnessing our differing perspectives into the central corridor of consensus. This path is the hallway of life where we can choose to walk togethersupporting the leadership we decided as a nation.

We can be supportive and constructive or we can whine and complain. Our response defines us. It reflects who and what we trust. It provides an opportunity to release joy, contentment, and love.

The fabric of our city is comprised primarily of people who deeply care about others. I am so grateful this is true, as it is consistently reflected wherever I go. I appreciate the tender hearts of Lakelanders!

I encourage you to reflect on our very best character in the days ahead. Despite what we might witness in other cities, let’s be known for our tolerance, and let’s remember we win when we support one another.

Kindness is critical, and the mark of great women and men is how well we provide it despite our differences. As we choose harmony, grace grows, and destructive discord wanes. This united focus is how we ALL win. Let’s choose to do so together!

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