Mayor Mutz’s Monthly Minute – Lift Lakeland Pt. II

This is part of our Voices series with City of Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, where he breaks down his thoughts about what’s going on in the City – in just one minute. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here.

During October, the Commission will hire a new City Manager and finalize Lift Lakeland as a community-wide initiative providing many varied opportunities to draw ever closer as fellow Lakelanders. It is an exciting time of transition!

2020 has challenged us all. Yet, it has provided re-focusing opportunities and deeply reflective moments to measure where we can be better. Interestingly, we primarily grow as we overcome struggles in life, not during the good timesDifficulties heighten reality and expose what is most lacking. Government institutions provide only so much for its citizenry. Real community heroes are those who intentionally minimize societal gaps with available skills and resources, making life more meaningful for others and, in turn, for themselves.

The Lift Lakeland framework creates opportunities for a more engaged community that addresses those gaps and enhances future outcomes. This plan requires contributions from many facets of our City, including not-for-profit organizations, individuals, faith-based groups, educational institutions, neighborhood associations, and many others. It ignites opportunities to move towards one another instead of seeking isolation in silos.

As Phase One of this plan becomes semi-finalized towards the end of October, it will include input from the Commission, individuals, and many organizations. Then, at a 6:30 p.m. public meeting at the RP Funding Center on October 29, the City Commission will seek final community-wide input and suggestions to add any finishing touches.

Once finalized, the enhancing opportunities will begin. As individuals and organizations “raise their hands,” identifying where they can contribute most, we will be engaging in cross-community relationships, which will provide greater hope and vision into others’ lives.

It is presently rewarding to reap the benefits of living in Lakeland from the fruit provided by so many others before us. It is ultra exciting to consider how we can now focus on a heart-to-heart basis to help eliminate gaps in others’ lives.

When we look back, our City will be profoundly different than most places. Lakeland will be a community known for intentionally investing in lifting others’ lives and helping all who desire to maximize their potential!

Let’s all do our part to Lift Lakeland together! 

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