3 questions with the Mayor

A few weeks ago on Instagram, we asked you what questions you would want to ask our Mayor. Many of you answered with great questions about the future of our city + about Mayor Mutz himself. So we took the opportunity, in this Minute with the Mayor, to ask him for you.

Have any more questions for Mayor Mutz? Send them here + we may just ask him your question.

What is the city planning on doing regarding the ongoing homelessness issue?

– @_timothysteiner

Mayor Mutz: We’re doing it!  For the first time, Lakeland has two, full-time dedicated Case Managers who identify individuals found within City limits; many are isolated deep in the woods.  They work person-by-person to find out the homeless individual’s situation, register their presence, identify their level of need and help them find jobs or services that may be available.  When possible, they may help them obtain Rapid Rehousing and support a payment or two to get them started. Our highest priority is for parent(s) with children who are all living homelessly. For other individuals, when the facts are verifiable with first-hand contact(s), the homeless person may be assisted with bus money to return to a job or family member(s) in another city.

The primary goal of the City is to support further the services long provided by many wonderful agencies who help the homeless within our City and County.  The ultimate goal: help those who can, and desire to do so, with getting a job and securing a residence.  Employers who are interested in providing job opportunities for those with matching skill sets should contact the Mayor and be added to the Employer Resource Pool.

Furthermore, coordinating with the Lakeland Police Department, arrests will be made of any individual(s) who aggressively panhandle.  Whereas panhandling itself is a legal form of expression, aggressive or threatening behavior is not.

What are your plans to develop East Lakeland near the I-4 Corridor?

– @finforthewin863

MM: The Florida Poly University Boulevard/Pace Road area is the optimal location for a Research Park which will dramatically accelerate the educational, entrepreneurial and economic growth of Central Florida.  It is vital to protect this area so it can become the front door of future opportunities for Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter Haven and the rest of Polk County.  Parties are working together to formulate the best plans possible to bring these dreams to fruition. Commercial and residential growth will follow this strategic purpose.

What did you learn in your prior professional experience in Indiana that you brought to Lakeland?

– @nick_shaffer

MM: My family moved to Lakeland in 1996 after purchasing a Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, & Isuzu dealership renamed to Lakeland Automall.  My background in business began in warehouse distribution, extended to retail automotive parts stores, a seven-state consumer electronics Sony distributorship and finally a chain of heavy-duty truck service and parts centers. I learned that industry knowledge was transferable and managing multiple operations required improving my leadership people skills.  

Seeking to own an automotive dealership, we were not able to find a seller in Indiana, but Lakeland had one just about the size desired. Whereas other dealership site considerations would come and go, this one stayed front and center. Our family fell in love with the community and found serving within the City a privilege.  

I did not aspire to become Mayor. As I serve in this role, however, I see how many of my formerly learned business and people skills are required daily. As we work to be our best at work each day, we are being equipped for a more competent tomorrow.

Thriving is about investing fully in the present for an anticipated future that is even more rewarding when we see the fruit from the hard work required to get there.

– Mayor Bill Mutz

Sourced from: https://laltoday.6amcity.com/3-questions-with-mayor/